The RAMA Chess Club children’s chess program is a fun and exciting way for your child to learn the game of chess and meet children from across the GTA who share the same passion. Our program is designed to take children of all ages.

Our program incorporates class lessons, group work, individual problem-solving, and various forms of tournament play to reinforce and evaluate chess abilities at each skill level. It is most important that children be placed in the correct level to ensure maximum benefit of the program– see below.

Graduates of the program learn the full range of tactical skills (pins, forks, skewers, etc); are introduced to opening, middle, and endgame theory; are capable of in-depth analysis of their own and others’ games; are familiar with chess notation; and finally, are knowledgeable of the range of resources that are available to continue to improve their games after the classes finish.

Costs and Registration

Sessions are $126 for a 7-week course. Register at the registration desk
Single classes are $25 each.
Late registrations are accepted.
All ages and skill levels are welcome!

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